Who are we and what do we do?

Our company Andorran Internet Service Providers and we are engaged in web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, domain management, digital certificates, web development and installation of CMS.

Registration Mercantile Society.

Company Name: M.Y.P. Tecnologia i Sistemes de Control, SL.

Legal form: Limited liability company.

Registered Office: Carrer Josep Rossell Calva, 13, Despatx 501.

Social Object: All kinds of technical study in home construction and Assembly technicians, as well as the import, export and commercialization of any product or equipment, including electronic computing and usable in the same Assembly; Provider of Internet services and sale of services and products for the Internet and online.

Authorized by Andorra Government Decree n.: D/93/1829 de Data: 26/11/93

N. registration of the company: 7441 Llibre: S-45 Foli: 169-176

Tax Registration Number: L-702597-Z

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