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If you wish, HostingAndorra offers the services of an accredited representative and makes the whole process of the registry verbal registered mark for the type 42, exclusively for the Internet, and license state sign.

You must fill AUTORITZACIO.PDF properly document and send us the signed fax or email scanned once.

Grant to fill the autorització.pdf:

The undersigned:You must put the name of the person signing, with the right of representation.
I hereby authorize:This space left it blank.
Specific Power:Put the domain/domains you wish to register.

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Use as a mark

Be the owner or exclusive licensee of a trademark registered in Andorra. Persons not resident in Andorra required to be represented before the Trademark Office of the Principality of Andorra (OMPA) by a licensed representative.

You need to trademark and Sign State.

Use as a trade name

Being the owner of a business name registered in Andorra.

You need to sign state.

Service Price List:

Service Price
Trademark registration, type 42 and sign status. 390,54 €
Renewal mark state (every 2 years). 68,64 €
Renewal trademark, type 42 (every 10 years). 321,90 €
Service DNS (Domain Name Server) per year. 1 €

The domain .AD can not register online. The request must be made manually.
The registration process can take between 10 and 15 days normally.

In case you do not renew the mark or sign of status, the OMPA proceeds to terminate the domain, leaving operate all services (web, mail, ftp, ...).