Real Estate Site

Real Estate Site

Our Portal is developed Onsite thought with you, easy to use and maintain your content. Developed with the best technologies, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery library and Bootstrap. The website is designed to enhance the dissemination of contents and index them properly in search engines. It fully answer and presentation site fits all the different formats of the devices currently used.

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  • Implementation of corporate design
  • Selecting language (Catalan, Spanish, French and English). Expandable to as many as you wish.
  • RSS feeds and social networks
  • Menu items starting with three sublevels
  • Search


  • Unlimited pages.

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Content Manager:

Manager includes all Web content, such as User Manager, Menu Manager, Content Manager, Manager carousel, Picture Manager, Manager Verbatim website SEO Manager, Language Manager, Manager of PDF's ., news Manager, Manager calendars, banners Manager, Manager Links ...

Property Manager:

Gestor de Clients. Permet veure les seves peticions d'informació. Gestor de Comercials. Gestor de Propietaris. Permet veure les propietats. Gestor de Localitats (3 nivells). Gestor de tipus d'Immobles. Gestor de modalitats. Gestor de caracterìstiques. Gestor d'Immobles. Amb un sol clic permet decidir si es publica l'immoble, les imatges el preu, si el posem destacat, publicar-lo al Facebook, duplicar l'immoble. Permet publica Google.Maps, vídeos de Youtube, galerìes d'imatges. Permet imprimir dades de l'immoble per l'aparador, completes o per al client. I molt més. Gestor de Promocions. Consultes internes dels Immoble amb generador de PDF, impressió, .... Informes: Llistat d'immobles, Llistat Clients, Llistat Propietaris, Llistat Comercials ...

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